We offer tailored stress management solutions for your workplace through meditation and mindfulness. Breed a company culture of calm and watch as your employees improve their focus, productivity and resilience, while nurturing their mental health. 


Bespoke services

No two teams are the same. We create programmes specifically for the needs of your workplace and employees.  

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Science based

Our programmes are based on the latest findings on stress management and utilise cutting edge relaxation techniques.

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Making a difference

Every client has the opportunity to bring stress management to those in need by sponsoring a program for one of our partner institutions.  

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Can you afford stress?

Work related stress directly costs employers $10.11 billion each year and business are losing over $6.5 billion by failing to provide early intervention/treatment for employees


When you take stress out of the equation, you'll be amazed what your team can do!



Our clients see a decrease in workplace stress, a dramatic rise in overall employee satisfaction, plus improved team morale.